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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

iTunes ate my songs


I don't know how to get them back. I bought them on my iPod, and when I went to upload them to my iTunes on my computer, they disappeared. I don't know what happened to them. Two whole albums uploaded just fine. But I only have one song from the other album, and a single song I bought isn't there. I just got off of the phone with someone, but I don't know if he really understood me. I guess I'll call back tomorrow. During the day. I usually get people from Idaho when I call during the day. They understand me.

The funny thing? They were songs by Guns 'n Roses and Stevie Wonder. At least my Tito Rojas and Michael Buble' didn't get deleted.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

You people disappoint me

I really wanted to do the 'restaurant of the week'. I love eating out.

Now, I have to create recipes. Thankfully, I have some already written down. I actually created one tonight and that's what we had for dinner.

I'm just going to warn you guys: I don't cook 'healthy'. I use butter and cream, and other rich foods when I cook. The food tastes better, and it fills you up. However, I believe in moderation. What that means to me is this: Eat anything you want, just don't eat too much of it. So, if I make a recipe for chicken pot pie that uses heavy cream, you can probably substitute skim milk if you want to. OR you can cook it the way I make it in the recipe. Just don't make it three times in one week and eat it all by yourself.

I also try not to use foods from a can. Some things are much easier to use if it comes from a can, such as tomatoes. Other things, like cream of (chicken, mushroom) soup, you will not find here. I can make my own creamy base, and if you don't, I'll walk you through it. Don't worry.

Mel did bring up a good point. I do have a disclaimer on my title that says that 'everything's my way'. So, don't be surprised if you see a restaurant or someone else's recipe on this blog. I'm not perfect.

Saturday, February 21, 2009


Last night, after the two younger kids went to bed, we let the older ones stay up and watch 'Arachnaphobia'.

They wanted a scary movie, and didn't want to watch that one because they thought it would be lame. This is the trouble watching movies older kids. Everything is lame. I'm not saying Arachnaphobia isn't lame, I'm just saying that they didn't think so. They loved it!

It's funny that I remember screaming like the silly 15 year old girl I was, the first time I watched that movie. Even though I knew when all of the jump-out-at-you parts were, I still screamed like a silly 15 year old girl. It was great!

What movie is like that for you?

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I'm one tough chick

  • I didn't even cry when I fell on the ice Monday. It looked like I was sliding on a 'slip n slide'. I was going pretty fast. I fell hard on my right side and bruised my ribs.
  • I buy cheap heels and wear them all day, causing pain and sometimes even blisters. All in the name of fashion.
  • I usually don't cry during movies. Unless they are the 'Hallmark Hall of Fame' movies that come on tv. Then I cry at the commercials too.
  • I don't get grossed out if one of my kids gets hurt and is bloody or bruised. Unless Mel is around. Then I'm a big wimp.
  • I'd rather have people tell it to me like it is. Kinda like Simon on American Idol. If I do a crappy job at something, tell me. Don't sugar coat it. I can handle it. Usually.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Laughing at Viv

As she screams at me, "I'm not a lady, I'm Vivian!! I'm not even a young lady. I'm just Vivian!!"

No dear, I guess you aren't. My mistake.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

10 things

  1. I gradually change clothes over the course of the day. I'll start off wearing a cute outfit with jewlery, and piece by piece, I end up taking off the jewlery and changing into my loungy clothes and bathrobe.
  2. I watch iCarly on Disney channel with Mimi. And I like it.
  3. Mel and I let Vivian cook at the stove. It makes me nervous, but she's always supervised and is very careful. How else will she learn?
  4. Because we did #3 with the other kids, they are all capable of cooking dinner (Patricia), lunch (Mimi), and breakfast (Trystan).
  5. I believe it's a lazy parent that doesn't teach her children to be self sufficient. (for example: putting on their own shoes, dressing themselves, helping with household chores, preparing meals)
  6. Sometimes it's easier to just do it yourself rather than take the time to teach them.
  7. I wonder what kind of children I have that don't like PEZ. Where have I gone wrong?
  8. I get mad at my kids for eating up all of the good snacks. Just like my mother did when my brothers and I ate all of the good snacks.
  9. Patricia chastized me the other day for not making creative meals. She loves my creations! I've been making 'regular' dinner lately. I think the hummus and pita bread from Thursday made amends.
  10. I am totally and completely in love with Vivian. She has such a cute and fun personality. She also makes me completely crazy. Half of the time I want to stuff her in the freezer. But I don't. Not yet, anyway.

Monday, February 9, 2009

You've come a long way, baby!

That's what I said when I pulled this picture out of my closet this weekend. WOW!! I don't know if I should be mad or proud. Mad because people let me leave the house with those jeans on. Proud because I know better now.
I guess I just wanted to post that picture to let all of you people who have only known me like this:That I didn't always look so fabulous. The 30's aren't so bad after all.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

26 days and counting

The great thing about having a husband that travels is that sometimes I get to go with him. I know that most of you girls that read my blog have husbands who travel and you don't get to go along for whatever reason, but if you get the chance to dump your kids and do it, you should. I am dumping mine with one of the best friends I've ever had, Suzan.

Last year, I got to go to Hawaii with Mel. He went for work, and I got to spend the week shopping, sunbathing, and eating at some really good restaurants.

This year, he's going to a conference in Orlando. We are leaving a few days early, like before, so we can hang out and do fun stuff before 'work' during the week.

I've never been to Orlando without kids, so I'm not sure what I should do. We are staying at Shades of Green to check out the place for a future family vacation. (It's research, not fun. Really!)

So, come on, tell me what I can do to keep myself entertained while Mel's at 'work'.