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Monday, October 27, 2008

my first official tag

I am ashamed to say that I haven't visited many of the blogs on my list in a while. So, while updating myself on my friends' blogs, I discovered that I had been tagged. Ok Sarah, here you go!

Here are the rules. I have to answer each question with only one word the pass it on to seven other people.
  1. Where is your cell phone? Island
  2. Where is your sig. other? Upstairs
  3. Your hair color? Black
  4. Your mother? Cruise
  5. Your father? Unknown
  6. Your favorite thing? Food
  7. Your dream last night? Nothing
  8. Your dream/goal? Job
  9. The room you're in? Living
  10. Your hobby? Cooking
  11. Your fear? Chaos
  12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? Home
  13. Where were you last night? Home
  14. What you're not? Quiet
  15. One of your with list items? whitewoolcoatfromjcrew
  16. Where you grew up? Gaithersburg
  17. Last thing you ate? Pie
  18. What are you wearing? Bathrobe
  19. Your TV? Average
  20. Your pet? Slobbery
  21. Your computer? Slowish
  22. Your mood? Chillin'
  23. Missing someone? Janet
  24. Your car? Dirty
  25. Something you're not wearing? Shoes
  26. Favorite store? Benetton
  27. Your summer? Uneventful
  28. Love someone? Mel
  29. Favorite color? Purple
  30. When was the last time you laughed? today
  31. When was the last time you cried? today

I know #15 is kind of a long word. I really want it!

Ok, for the tagging part: I tag: Janet, Jeannie, Brie, Shelly, Karen, Kristina, Slavka, and Brandi.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Guess what we did today

Yummy apple picking!

We went to Larriland farms today in the rain for our annual apple picking trip.

Patricia had to stay home to do homework, so we brought our 5th child, Isabel Hitchner.
Look at those two crazies.

You know I had to get some of that apple-eatin' action.

No, we didn't only eat apples. We actually kept some. This was only part of what we picked. It's about 62 pounds. We still had another 20 or more pounds to go after this picture was taken.
I smell an apple pie in my future.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

how do you answer the question...

How are you doing?

You see, I am just getting started on facebook, and I am getting the opportunity to reconnect with people I haven't seen or heard from in many many years. The question I ask and everyone asks of me is, "How are you doing?"

Then the answer is usually, "Fine!" or "Great!" These answers don't really do much for me.

So, how should I answer this question? Fine? Because right now I'm doing fine. Or do you want to know what I've been doing for the past 15 years?

And when I ask this question, I want to know information. Do you have a family? What do you do? Are you healthy? I guess I should just ask those questions. But then it sounds like an interrogation.
So, how are YOU doing?

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

warning- not very creative

  1. catching up on everyone's blogs. i've been busy and haven't even bothered to read about anyone's life. i care, i just don't care enough. not really. i feel so behind the power curve, it's hard to catch up. overwhelming, really.
  2. finally got a facebook account. it's like a huge snowball. one person from high school added me to their list, i accepted, and now i am obsessed. some of these people i didn't really talk to, but most of them were good friends way back in tha day. then i decided to connect with church friends, and neighborhood friends, and other old friends. i am sucked in. addicted, i tell you.
  3. happy birthday to me!! i'm 33 and three days old. i love it. i don't feel old at all. except when i remember that i graduated from high school with all of those people i mentioned in #2 15 years ago.
  4. i have a new hobby. i am actually pretty good at it. i am starting to make jewlery. it's so relaxing. right now i have only made a couple of necklaces and earrings. i need to get more beads. i am really excited because i am proud to say that i'll need a table at the SBW 2009. i actually have a project that i can work on all weekend. i am taking bead/jewlery supply donations if you have any you don't use.
  5. thanks to ariella, i am finally going to take steps to get a job working at a gym being a personal trainer. i just need to do it.
  6. that's all for now. i don't think i have more to say right now. if i do, you know i'll post it.

I'm still alive

In case anyone cared. I'll update soon. I promise.

I haven't been busy. Just lazy.
(shock shock)

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Speed, anyone?

Am I the only one who has this problem in her neighborhood? Last week, something very sad and unnecessary happened on my street. One way that it could have been prevented is by having speed limit signs posted on neighborhood streets. I live directly across the street from an elementary school. Twice a day, we deal with large numbers of traffic and cars on our street. We have finally been able to get police here during those times to "encourage" a 15 MPH speed limit. However, since we don't have signs, they can't ticket anyone who exceeds that limit. Picerne is very unwilling to assist us in keeping our neighborhood safe from speeding cars. So, along with petitions and meetings with the post commander, we've decided to take things one step further...

This will continue until we run out of sidewalk chalk. Donations, anyone?

Friday, October 3, 2008


It's cool that I have a 13 year old. I have someone who I can bully into going with me to the gym. Not really. I don't bully her. She's been wanting to go to the gym for the past 2 years. She's finally old enough now.

Today we went to Groove. It's an aerobic dancing class. They dance to all kinds of music from Latin to Hip Hop. It's a class that I avoid unless I have someone to go with me. (embarrass themself along with me) On Monday she is going to Step with me and then to Ariella's class, Centergy. I'm generally against going to multiple classes at the gym. It's just too much. But, I figure since I'm doing an easy class for the second one, I'll be fine. (Totally kidding Ariella. I am sure you'll kick butt, especially now.)

That's all. I'm hungry. I'd better go eat something healthy before I pig out on the pre-Halloween candy in my storage room. It's the good stuff too, Reese's and Kit Kats. STOP!! I'm getting weaker, weaker, weaker...

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


There's not really much happening here.

I am just wasting my time until Friday when we go to the Bay's house to spend the night, then we'll spend the day at Hershey Park. I know, we're going to miss General Conference. I won't offer any excuse. Remember this?

I haven't been updating my blog because I've been playing with my new toy. Are you getting tired of all the hyperlinks? I hardly get on my laptop anymore. Why bother? I just have to figure out how to upload my scriptures to it so I have a good reason to bring it to church. If you can hook a 'sista up, I'll bake you something yummy. If you're far away, I'll make you some candy that will survive a trip in the mail.

I went to the Meuse Forest gym again today. For workout Wednesday. Guess who showed up? ME, Myself, and Vivian! I had some latecomer friends who I passed on my way home. I didn't go back because I had laundry on the mind by then. Come on, people! I am here waiting for you to come and exercise with me. I can't do it alone. I need your kids to keep mine entertained. I have a cute little workout planned. It is a workout that anyone can do. It's fun and easy if you want it to be. Or, it's grueling and difficult if you want that. You can do it if you're preggo or not. I promise, there's no treadmill involved, but you'll feel like it was worth your time. So come on! I'm a good motivator, a great encourager, and I am cute! Besides, I'm free! What are you holding back for?

Patricia got herself a blog (finally). It's cute. It's private though. She's such a teenager. OMG! She even sounds like one on her blog. You know, the lazy grammar, bad spelling, slangish talk that teenagers do when they email and text? Did I just say that? I mean, GOSH, I really am getting old.

Vivian and I played baby dolls today. I made it my mission to dress all of her dolls. Yay! There aren't any more nekkid dolls in my house! Well, at least until tomorrow when she undresses them again. Oh! Here's something funny. I'm copying this friend now.

Vivian: I am going to name my baby dolls.
Me: Great! What do you want to name this one?
Vivian: Freddy.
Me: Freddy? Oh, that's a good name.
Vivian: And this one's named is Freddy too.
Me: Two babies named Freddy, huh?
Vivian: No, all of theirs names are Freddies.

Poor babies.

I hope you people have a great day.