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Monday, April 28, 2008

my eye is still TWITCHING

It rained here all day, so the allergies aren't too bad. I have a prescription for flonase waiting for me at the pharmacy. It's my last resort before I cut off my nose. There's just one thing... my eye. Why is it still twitching?

Oh, I know this is a lame blog, but I just wanted to make sure to update my blog regularly to keep the blog updating nazis off my tail.

Love you all!!!

Sunday, April 27, 2008


I am dying here. I seriously think this is the worst allergy season I have ever had in my whole life. I think I have taken every allergy medicine, in every combination possible.



I know it won't last forever. Just a couple of weeks. How bad could it really be? Wrote a haiku 'bout it. Wanna hear it, here it go:

allergies both'rin
itchy nose, watery eyes
medicine don't help

I think I am spazzing out. My eyes are twitching. Is that a bad sign? I think I am going to take two more benadryl. It doesn't really work, it just barely takes the edge off. But it does help me sleep. Maybe a good night's rest will help. Man, I hope.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Let the Games Begin!!

Mimi and Trystan had ball games this morning. Mimi did a great job! She scored the first and last points of the game. That girl is such an athlete. She ran like crazy. Talk about hustle! She was so excited to play today and it really showed.

Trystan plays baseball this season. He scored two runs this morning. He really enjoys baseball. He said the cool thing about his team is that they don't have a lot of players, so everyone on the team gets lots of chances to play. I have pictures of Trystan, but they won't load. Bummer. I'll keep trying.

Speaking of Trystan, remember my ranting a couple of posts ago? I mentioned that both he and Patricia had big projects due. Trystan's was a science fair project. The title was 'Human Weight Changes'. He wanted to know if people weigh differently in the morning versus at night. If you get a chance, ask him to tell you what he found out. Oh yeah, he won third place. This is the second year in a row that he placed third out of all of his grade. He's already planning on what he's going to do for next year so he can take first place. Another cool thing is that all of the winners from the fourth grade came from his class. Isn't that cool? He really has a great teacher.

Patricia's history project was AWESOME!!! Of course, I don't have a picture to show you. (I suck!) A group of people, I don't know if they were students or professors, from the Naval Academy came to her school to judge the proects. She got first place!!! She was so proud of her accomplishment.

I am so proud of my kids. What makes me feel good is that these ideas came from them. Mel and I just bought the materials. They really did all the work.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

What's going on?

A couple of months ago when I started this blog, I thought I would have TONS to say. Hmmmmm. Not so much. I mean, I always have something to say, but it's either 1)not anything people really want to know or 2)not appropriate. Amy, you know what I mean. So, I think I am going to do like Harmony does when she gets bored and make a list. I think I'll try to do this every Wednesday. Hump day. See, there I go (refer to #2 above). Ok. Here goes:

Random list #1
  1. I've stepped waaaay out of my comfort zone and volunteered to be the 'team parent' for Trystan's baseball team. What was I thinking? I am usually the person who helps. Not the one who is in charge. I have enough things to be in charge of. If you don't know what that is, a team parent schedules snacks for the games, buys trophies for the kids, and plans the end of season party. OOOH! Did I say party? I like that. I can do parties. And snacks? Did I read that right? I know snacks. I don't know much about trophies. Frankly, they annoy me. Maybe I'll think about something different. Yeah, different. You know I'm all about mixing things up. OK. I can do this. I just talked myself into being excited about this team parent gig. I am kinda excited about it now.
  2. Speaking of parties, I am having one tomorrow. I am really looking forward to that. I am having a Premier Designs jewlery party. I've decided that since I work out so much and am almost always in workout gear, that when I do dress in regular clothes, I want to look GOOD. I don't want to have that 'mom who drives a minivan' look. I have some cute clothes this season, and I want to really step it up with some pretty jewlery. So, I decided to get some for free by having a party. Maybe this will motivate me to get dressed in regular clothes soon after I finish working out instead of walking around looking like a gym rat.
  3. Hmmmm... dresses. I love them. I didn't used to like them. Or pink. But now I like both things. I don't have a pink dress, though. (come on, I'm not 7) I am so glad that the weather is getting better because I can wear my cute dresses and skirts. There's something about wearing a dress that makes you feel pretty and feminine. Maybe it's because men don't wear dresses and they usually don't look pretty and feminine. (notice I said usually.)

Ok, three is all you get. It's a pretty short list, I know. If I can think of anything I want to add to ths list I'll post again. Who am I kidding? I'm done for today. You all can wait until next week.

Monday, April 21, 2008

I've been busy, ok?

I have been up to my @$$ in dirty house funk for the past 4 days, ok? That's why I haven't blogged. You know the movie "The Money Pit"? Well, that is my life. Mel and I went to WV to get our house ready for sale. Needless to say, we ran into a few difficulties while we were working. So, sorry that I haven't blogged in a little while. I've been BUSY.

Oh, and I came home to two kids that had big school projects due. So I've been helping put together a science project and helping build an ancient Chinese terraced rice paddy. Oh, and we only have one computer. So, rather than kick the kids off the computer while they are doing research, I have opted to take a break from blogging. So excUUUUUUse me. I'll be back when I get back.

One more thing..... Um, thanks for caring about my little blog.

Monday, April 14, 2008


That's what I am. Sorry people. I have been too wrapped up in reading and studying. I have read, like 50 books. Some of them are:

The Kindness of Strangers, by Katrina Kittle - good book, but be warned: the story involves incest and child molestation.

Body Surfing, by Anita Shreve - OOh what a twist! Kinda romancy, but not like Danielle Steel. I like her books. I've read a couple of them already and will continue to read more.

  • All He Ever Wanted - makes you wonder if what you want is what's really best for you.
Blackird House, by Alice Hoffman - easy read about a house and all of the people who have lived and loved there over a span of time. I liked the supernatural elements of the stories. It made the lives of the people much more interesting.

The Ice Queen, also by Alice Hoffman - about a woman who lived a cold and lonely life and how she learned to feel and to love again. I don't usually get into literary analysis, you know, what is the deeper meaning of what the author wrote. But this book is full of symbolism, and I really enjoyed trying to understand it.

Now I am reading a nonfiction work. It's called something to the effect of Personal Fitness Training and Theory. Or something like that. I am studying to become a personal trainer. I am so excited. I guess I'd better go read more about the circulatory system now while I still have the energy. See Ya!!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

What a Great Deal!

Top 5 reasons why I love the Commissary:
  1. You can get food for cheap. Well, cheaper than at the 'regular' grocery store. Since they don't mark up the food to make their money, you pretty much pay cost. That's why they have a surcharge.
  2. You can get SUPER HUGE GREAT DEALS!!! Like the time I got some yummy kind of cereal ( I can't remember the brand) for an amazingly great price like 35 cents per box. Boy o boy did I have my year's supply for that year. Who needs dried beans and whole wheat? We had cereal. It was great until it started to go stale. Then I couldn't make my kids eat that crap. Whose great idea was getting all that stuff anyway?
  3. Three words: Case lot sale. I actually think it's more hype than it's really worth. I mean, after you spend an hour in line just to get into that big tent, and at least another hour waiting for a stupid shopping cart, and AT LEAST another hour waiting in line to pay for the case of brownie mixes and pop tarts that end up sitting around for a year because you just didn't feel like eating them after 6 months of eating the same flavor pop tart, you'd be better off just going into the store and buying just one or two packages at a time. Seriously, is it really that great of a deal?
  4. You can get bags and bags of candy for a dollar. I love to go to the commissary after the holidays. I mean, 2 pounds of peanut M&M's for $1? I don't really even like M&M's, and I buy them. I just bought several bags of Reese's Pieces eggs. Heaven, pure heaven I tell you. I love them. The extra thick candy shell and all that peanut butter!!! I ate 2/3 of a bag the other night for dinner (I never claimed to be a healthy eater). I can't resist a good deal. Especially if it's candy.
  5. Unless it's cookies. Tonight, I went for the emergency gallon of milk and fresh fruit because I don't have anymore and my kids need something healthy for breakfast and I am putting off grocery shopping so I'll just get these couple of things to tide me over for a few more days until I just break down and get a full load. Well, the last time I went to the commissary to get the candy (see #4 above), I noticed that the Pillsbury ready to bake bunny shaped Easter cookies were selling for 95 cents. I knew that was a good price, but there were stacks and stacks of them in the refrigerator. So, I decided to take a gamble and play the waiting game. I knew a better price was still yet to come. So, tonight when I went through I noticed a coupon: save $1 when you buy 2. HA! I knew it! So, I paid $1.90 for four packages of sugar cookies. I know I am all into making baked goods from scratch, but there's just something kinda wonderful about those little bunny cookies. I just love them. That's why I downed 10 of them before I realized what I had done. That happens whenever there are cookies involved.
So there you have it! What do you all love about the commissary? Harmony, I bet you love that milk only costs $5 per gallon instead of $7.

Happy food shopping!